About Crescent Capital Solutions

At the root of every lasting success in business we find the skillful matching of intelligent capital with visionary leaders collaborating and executing a winning strategy.

Crescent Capital Solutions has one singular mission – to collaborate with business leaders and commercial real estate professionals of startups and established firms securing intelligent financing through trusted capital markets, competitive lending institutions and alternative funding options. We work hand in hand with you to help turn your vision into reality.

Our portfolio of loan products and funding options available in the US is unmatched. We provide competitive financing for all businesses from those with credit challenges facing difficult transitions to those with excellent credit facing very fast growth trajectories. From Main Street to Wall Street we fund business and projects of all sizes.  From unsecured lines of credit to SBA loans, equipment leasing, payroll funding, asset based lending, working capital, private equity, CMBS conduit loans, bridge loans, mezzanine and all aspects of business and commercial real estate lending, we have assembled a portfolio of options unrivaled by any one bank or lending institution. Put us to the test.

Our capital partners share a profound understanding of the the industry with world class capabilities underwriting business and commercial real estate transactions across all sectors.  Our model is performance based operating with 100% Accountability and Transparency. Our customers are our partners as we succeed only when they do.

In a world of contingencies and excuses we are the ones you come to when results are the only thing that matter. Our singular goal is to fund you.  We are humbled and honored when you allow us to play a part in your success.

Manny Penate

President & CEO

Manny brings 25 years’ experience leveraging financial instruments to fund growth, improve cash flow and enable acquisitions optimizing performance and ROI for a wide range of companies ranging from start-ups and established firms competing in challenging environments to growth companies with opportunities to aggressively capture market share.

Manny draws on his experience funding growth strategies and acquisitions, improving operating profits, cash flow, and top line performance for start-ups, SBOs, Venture Capital, Private Equity, NASDAQ and Fortune 500 firms.   He is a subject matter expert leveraging well established partners, underwriters and distribution channels to create scale while combining best in class capabilities that deliver results for both clients and partners.   He now brings this expertise to Crescent Capital Solutions.

“At Crescent Capital Solutions, our portfolio of financing options provide the flexibility that businesses and real estate investors need to lead in today’s environment. Our mission is to provide our clients with a competitive advantage through intelligent financing.  Our capital partners share world class capabilities funding business and commercial real estate transactions across all sectors from start-ups to credit challenged entities facing difficult transitions to those with excellent credit facing fast growth trajectories.  Our model is performance based operating with 100% accountability and transparency.”

Manny’s career include roles as SVP of North America Sales and Strategy for a $2Billion professional services division of a Fortune 500 firm, COO of a private equity portfolio firm where he lead the growth and integration of multiple acquisitions to $500 Million in revenue positioning the professional services firm for a reverse merger and public offering; EVP of Marketing and Channel Partners spearheading the growth strategy of a private HRO and SaaS firm resulting in the desired strategic acquisition at record multiples, and CEO & Founder of an aesthetics medical practice which celebrates its 10 year anniversary.

Mark Marmon

Chief Financial Officer

Mark brings over 25 years of finance and tax expertise to Crescent Capital Solutions. His experience in securing and executing financial instruments to fund operational growth provides opportunities to advise clients on the most effective financing options available. As clients seek competitive financing, whether to fund growth or to build upon an investment portfolio, Mark assists Manny in developing intelligent financing strategies. In addition, Mark’s background in tax services with a public accounting firm allows him to understand the tax implications of various financing vehicles.

Mark’s career includes roles as Chief Financial Officer of a private equity portfolio firm, VP of Finance for a global, publicly held professional services firm, Managing Director of a financial consulting firm, and multiple leadership roles in a global “Big 4” CPA firm. As part of Mark’s leadership with a financial consulting firm, he performed engagements for private equity clients in which he assessed cash management and working capital functions, and designed plans to improve and enhance the cash positions, for multiple portfolio investment companies, and as CFO of a private equity portfolio firm that specialized in document management, Mark was heavily involved in equipment financing and asset-based borrowing.